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EVENT: Dog Massage

Dog massage

For 200 years, chiropractic has been successfully applied to humans. Within the last 20 years, specially trained veterinarians and chiropractors have started treating animals, especially dogs and horses. A chiropractic treatment is a mild form of treatment that the vast majority of dogs accept fine.

The purpose of the chiropractic treatment is to make the dog's musculoskeletal system work optimally so that the dog does not have pain. First and foremost, it is the back that is treated, but there are techniques where the joints in the legs are also examined and possibly treated.


Chiropractic relieves pain and biomechanical problems in the back, and can also relieve secondary problems, such as lameness. There has also been a good effect of chiropractic for problems such as incontinence, anal gland problems, dry eyes and more.


Veterinarian Jacob Andersen and rehabilitation therapist for dogs Kristine Jørgensen from Nordre Dyrehospital talks about what we as dog owners can do for our dogs' musculoskeletal system, what a therapist can do for our dogs and how we check if something is wrong.


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Gain insight into physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage for dogs. All dogs with musculoskeletal disorders, ranging from hip dysplasia to spondylosis of the back, are patients in the target group. Rehabilitation patients, rheumatic dogs, elderly dogs are other examples. Working dogs, sports dogs and hunting dogs are examples of dogs that are exposed to heavy loads in the musculoskeletal system. A biomechanical examination and possible chiropractic treatment can ensure that these dogs are able to perform optimally 'at work' and reduce the risk of injury. All dogs, from the family dog to the extremely active dog, can benefit from preventive examination and treatment.









December 2, 2021 at 6.30 - 8.30 PM

Hundehaven Potefryd

Edwin Rahrs Vej 78, 8220 Brabrand

(opposite Boxit)

Free (registration below required)

Deadline for registration is 1 December

Valid corona pass may be required

Your dog stays at home

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Veterinarian Jacob Andersen is IVCA-certified for chiropractic on animals. Kristine Jørgensen is a rehabilitation therapist for dogs, and has previously worked with education and rehabilitation of horses.


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