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Animal telepathy and communication with dogs

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in our lecture about animal telepathy and communication with dogs. A special thanks to Lunna Glavind for the fine lecture.

This evening we heard examples of how a dog can change behavior and let go of illness signs by 'relieving its heart' to its owners.

In addition, there were live demos with many of the participants who showed pictures of their dog on the mobile phone.

During the lecture we also got tools to play with telepathy with our dogs.

Lunna Glavind talked about her path to working with the animals via clairvoyance and therapy for 14 years. How it is all put together in a way of working that can increase the quality of life in both humans and animals.

More and more people are getting dogs and it can be a big task that can be difficult to manage. It may be that the dog barks a lot, seems aggressive, often has a very bad stomach and/or misbehaves when home alone.

Some dog owners find that animal telepathy and healing can have a beneficial effect on the dog's behavior. Lecturer Lunna Glavind is co-owner of Awaken Mind. She is a trained psychotherapist and has courses/certifications in the Enneagram, Gestalt Therapy and Meditation. In addition, Lunna is a Reiki healing master and teacher, clairvoyant and media as well as NLP Practitioner and NGH Hypnotherapist.

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