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You most likely have something you would like to ask about. Below we have gathered some of the questions we get the most. You are of course also welcome to send us a message or give us a call with your questions.

When can I bring my dog for screening?

We typically arrange a visit with you and your dog after we have had a telephone conversation with you about who your dog is and what needs he or she may have. You can see the requirements for admission here .

How is the interior of the doggy daycare?

We have set up Potefryd as an indoor play area for dogs in a large former machine hall in Brabrand (in the Western part of Aarhus). Our 3 dog pens combined amount to a total of approx. 400 square meters. Here the dogs have toys, sofas, dog houses - and most importantly - the company of a dog sitter!

How will my dog be ​​walked?

With your consent, we walk your dog outdoors for a short time at least twice - in the morning and in the afternoon. The walk takes place behind the doggy daycare, where there is space and calm to let the dogs do their toilet visits in fresh air.

Do Potefryd fit dogs of all sizes?

Yes, we do. We divide the dogs into playgroups according to size and energy level. In some cases, larger and smaller dogs thrive really well in each other's company, and in other cases we take advantage of being able to shield the small ones from the big ones. We usually have dogs of all sizes every day, and your dog will have playmates of its own weight and energy class.

Should I bring food for my dog?

If you would like us to feed your dog during the day, then yes. If you have a packed lunch for your dog, this will be served at 10am, when the dogs have a rest. Then they can eat in peace and there is time to digest.

It is preferable to have a few hours in between your dog has eaten until it plays and jumps around. If it does not like to get up early to be fed, we recommend that you bring the morning ration to us instead of feeding just before leaving the house.

Will my dog have a nap during the day?

At Potefryd, all dogs nap for more than 3 hours at the middle of the day. Your dog does not need to sleep, but all dogs need to rest, so we provide the possibility of a nap. Of course, we help new pack members calm down, if they are lively.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to "Prices", where you'll find our selection of pricing plans.

For how long can my dog ​​stay home alone?

Home alone time differs from dog to dog. It could very well be that a long working day is too long for your dog to be alone. Dogs are social animals that also want to get out and communicate with their fellow species. Often a day at Hundehaven once or twice a week can help satisfy the social needs of your dogs. And then the home alone time can actually be used as a much-needed day off, where the dog sleeps.

If you have more or other questions, please contact us via the contact form here or on our Facebook page. You are also welcome to call us at +45 50 51 66 68. A good time to call is between 10:30am and 1:30pm.

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