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As a puppy ...

... you have a lot to gain from attending doggy daycare. There is almost a 100% guarantee of good playtime. Something that is really high on most puppies' wish list. Next, it is incredibly educational that the puppies get to know different types of dogs of different ages. It sharpens their social skills and strengthens their self-confidence.

It also means a lot to the puppy to learn that it is perfectly okay and can even be really fun to be cared for. Because then it can happily say goodbye to you and believe that you will come back.

The very young puppy may need extra sleep in addition to the nap, and then we put them right next to the playroom. That way, they can see and hear that we are still with them while they are taken out of the playgroup for a while.

Below you can meet some of the young dogs that your puppy will be able to get to know at Potefryd.


This little border terrier girl is full of energy and super fun. She likes to hide under the sofa with Kenya when they play with the other dogs. Molly is a real teaser and does not tire easily. In fact, it is most often the others who give up before her.

For din hvalp - molly.jpg
The group's admission requirements:

• Your dog must be vaccinated

against canine distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis.

• Your dog must have received the kennel cough nasal vaccine (PiBb) within the last year.


• You must of course have the statutory liability insurance on your dog.

- And we can recommend a health insurance as well.

• Your male dog must be neutered if he is older than 10 months.

• Your bitch must not be in Hundehaven while she is in heat.

• Your dog should be friendly to other dogs of different sizes.

By appointment, you and your dog must have visited us and met a couple of the herd's dogs. Arrange a visit here.

For din hvalp - sako.JPG


This long-legged puppy has a party every day. He loves to horse around. And although the long legs can be a little difficult to control now and then, he likes to jump around both on the sofas and all over the floor. Sako has been best friends with pretty much every dog ​​since his first day at Potefryd, and simply has an amazing spirit even though he is full of puppy energy.

For din hvalp - samson.jpg


This guy is a real Bulldog bandit! You can even see in his eyes that he is full of games. He loves to play with everyone big and small, and does not shy away from teasing those who are a lot bigger than himself!

For din hvalp -Sussi.jpg


Sussi is a happy little beauty who gets more and more brave with each day she comes to Potefryd. She loves to bring a couple of dog friends with her to the Sensory Garden, where you can really run fast. And if the others do not want to join, she is happy to party on her own! She always puts a smile on everyone's lips when she invites to play.



This funny little Jack Russel girl loves speed! And if there is not enough, she will make sure to find someone to tease so that things get going.

She loves everything and everyone as long as you bother to play with her. On the rare occasions when she does run out of steam, she loves to curl up completely in the lap or in the arms of her human friends.

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