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About attending the Doggy Daycare


Your dog is part of a pack when it is with us! I.e. it is part of a social dog community consisting of friendly and loving family dogs.

At the doggy daycare we have three playrooms and a fantastic sensory garden, where your dog can use its nose and be mentally stimulated.

The dogs are divided into different play groups based on size and energy level. We get to know your dog as an individual and find out what its personality is like, how it likes to play and how much it needs to rest. This way we ensure that it is integrated into the right playgroup.

In each playgroup there is a dog sitter who observes the dogs' behavior and helps the dogs so that they behave well with each other and respect each other's boundaries.

Two to three times a day the dogs come out for a short walk where they can relieve themselves.

Each day at noon there is a four hour resting break. Here all dogs must rest so that there is an opportunity to sleep. - Those who know the routine often fall asleep within a few minutes.

The group's admission requirements:

• Your dog must be vaccinated

against canine distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis.


• Your dog must have received the kennel cough nasal vaccine (PiBb) within the last year.


• Of course, you must have the statutory liability insurance on your dog.

- And we can recommend health insurance as well.

• Your male dog must be neutered if he is older than 10 months.  

• Your bitch is not allowed at Hundehaven while she is in heat.

• Your dog should be friendly to other dogs of different sizes.  

By appointment, you and your dog must have visited us and met a couple of the herd's dogs. Book a visit here.


The Sensory Garden

At Potefryd, in addition to the 2 playrooms, we also have a sensory garden where the dogs can use their noses and sense of smell.

Our sensory garden offers, among other things, a couple of ball pools, a tunnel, a seesaw and many other exciting challenges.

The Sensory Garden is a great opportunity to get your dog stimulated mentally and at the same time it gets a little peace to go and enjoy sniffing treats, as a break in the game.

At the Sensory Garden we have fun obstacles that can challenge both large and small dogs.

Extra attention to just your dog?

We enjoy taking care of the individual pack individuals! Maybe there is something special you want us to do for your dog. We can e.g. cut its nails, train your dog, do fur care or repeat the 'go-to-your-basket' command with it?

Requirements for vaccination

Your dog must be vaccinated with a base vaccine (see table below from

In addition, the dog must be vaccinated against kennel cough with the optional vaccine called BbPi or just Bb (Bordetella bronchiseptica).

Tell the vet that you want the kennel cough vaccination given to dogs in kennels. It is administered by the nose of the dog.

If you want to know more about the individual vaccines, have a look at this detailed and easy-to-understand overview from Aalborg Animal Hospital.

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