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As an adult dog ...

... it's hugely exciting to attend a doggy daycare. There are a lot of dog friends here, and you have plenty of time to get to know them and become comfortable with them. Being with other dogs is a natural form of mental activation for your dog, whether it plays a lot, a little bit or not at all.

If your dog wants to play, it has ample opportunity for it. The selection of playmates is wide, so there is a good probability that it finds a dog or two that it connects with. Plus it will also get good exercise from being with us.

Below you can meet some of the adult dogs we take care of at Potefryd.



Viktor is a cute little cotton dog from 2014, who lives in Aarhus with his mother. He attends Potefryd 3-4 times a week, because he is not so impressed being home alone.

On the other hand, he is really happy for all the dog friends he has at Potefryd. He is good friends with both big and small dogs, and he is especially fond of those he has known for a long time. And then he loves to be cuddled by the staff.

The group's admission requirements:

• Your dog must be vaccinated

against canine distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis.

• Your dog must have received the kennel cough nasal vaccine (BbPi) within the last year.


• You must of course have the statutory liability insurance on your dog. We  recommend a health insurance as well.

• Your male dog must be neutered if he is older than 10 months.

• Your bitch is not allowed at the doggy daycare while she is in heat.

• Your dog should be friendly to other dogs of different sizes.

By appointment, you and your dog must have visited us and met a couple of the herd's dogs. Arrange a visit here.


Molly is a puggle, which is a mix of a pug and a beagle. She started at Potefryd in 2017 when she was a little puppy, so she has grown up with many different dog friends. Molly is a dog with two gears - full speed ahead or complete stop. She likes to play with all dogs that want to run or 'wrestle' with her. She is really good at judging who she can invite to play. And she easily shares toys with others.

st. barnhardshund


Maddie is what we call a "size large". She is a St. Bernhard from 2017. Even when she was still just a puppy, she filled an entire couch. She is aware of her size, so she often plays lying down so her buddies can reach her. Maddie is one of those dogs who enjoys our cool hall in the summer and likes to flatten out right in the middle of the floor.


Gismo is a real cozy dog, but also a bit of  a scoundrel. He is a mix of a labrador and a French bulldog. He was 2 years old when he started in 2017 at Potefryd, and he loves to let go with the other big dogs. Gismo lives on the outskirts of Aarhus with his human siblings and mother and father and his own garden.



A little cute dwarf dachshund is Emma. She started with us in 2017. It varies how much she attends the doggy daycare. It depends on her mother's calendar. She is a little shy towards strangers, so we are very honored that she is so happy to be with her dog sitters. Emma looks calm with her short legs, but she loves to play and run with the other little dogs.

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