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Research - what do we know?

Scientific articles and articles based on concrete research on animal welfare relevant to the dog owner.
Stress in dogs
  • What does scolding do to the dog and its stress level? Read here.

  • How does stress affect your dog? According to, research shows that there is something to suggest that dogs allow themselves to be influenced much more by human emotions than one might think. Read more here.

The positive effect of the dog on the owner's health


  • Healthier lifestyle and better mental health. What kind of miracle pill is this? It really is the dog. According to researchers at Columbia University Medical Center, Uppsala University and the University of Western Australia, respectively. Read here.

  • "Dogs are better bed partners than boyfriends" - so controversial is the headline of an article brought in the Danish magazine 'ALT for damerne' ('EVERYTHING for the ladies'). It is however not something they have invented themselves, but instead is based on copious amounts of empirical data from a study conducted by dr. Christy L. Hoffman , Professor of Animal Behavior at Canisius College, New York. If you have become curious, have a look here.

  • Your dog prolongs your life (Magazine Life). Research shows that dog owners are better than average at surviving cardiovascular disease. Read more here.

Oh Ohhh - does your dog's weight reveal anything about yours?
  • If your dog is a little fat, the researchers claim that there is a good probability that its owner also has a little extra padding. They even believe that it is scientifically based knowledge. read more here

  • Agria: Obesity is a problem among dogs. Read here.

The dog's emotional life

What's going on inside the heads of our dear four-legged friends. We try to guess, but we do not always know. Especially on the question of whether they have emotions, we as humans are very curious. How much their emotional life is reminiscent of ours. These are questions that Gregory Berns, a professor of neurology at Emory University in the United States, has been trying to find answers to. With the help of a proper dose of patience and lots of training, he and his colleagues have succeeded in having CT scans of dogs in the awake state. Learn more here.

The dog's physique

Agria: It is not always obvious to the dog that he is in pain. Danish veterinarian hopes that with a new research project she can map dogs' "pain face". It should help dog owners understand the dog's signals when it is in pain. Learn more here.

Agria: New research on dogs' communication with humans shows that dogs consciously use different facial expressions to communicate with humans. Read more.

Everything interesting

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