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Meet Team Potefryd

The employees


Anette, Dog Caretaker and General Manager

"Dogs are my great passion! I really found the best job I could wish for, here at Potefryd, and I love every day I go to work.

I was hired by Lise and Claus in 2016, and became general manager in September 2019, when Potefryd became an association.

I have an 8 year old Labrador, a 4 year old Stabyhoun and a 3 year old Greek street dog. I have always attended training courses with them, such as obedience, rally and currently clicker training.”


Malene, Dog Caretaker

"I have always been completely crazy with everything that has four legs, Potefryd is therefore the perfect workplace for me. I have been here since April 2018. I love every day at Potefryd. To be met with so much love by all the dogs every day is amazing!

I have 2 cats and am just waiting to move to the countryside so I can have my own dogs."


Ida, Dog Caretaker

"I love animals and especially dogs. I have always wanted to work with dogs, but did not think it was possible until I found Potefryd. I work at Potefryd four times a week as an intern, and at the same time I am training to become a dog instructor.

I love going to work and being with all the cute lovely dogs. There is so much love to give and receive and it is absolutely amazing to finally have found the right occupation for me. For the first time in my life, I'm doing something I'm really passionate about. Imagine that you can be so lucky that every time you come to work there are a lot of happy dogs who are so excited to see you, and that you yourself go and look forward to going to work, so you again can meet all the beautiful dogs. That, to me, is the recipe for a dream job."


Stine, intern

"I love being at Potefryd! It's great to be greeted with unlimited love from the dogs, but also to see how they interact with each other."

The Volunteers


Gitte, Volunteer Dog Caretaker

I have been a volunteer at Potefryd for almost five years, as it just gives a huge joy of life and positivity to be with so many different dogs. It is great to be allowed to get to know each and every dog and see them develop, learn, play and all the special company other dogs give them. I do not have a dog myself, but have worked at a large dog and cat pension for four years before I started at Potefryd.


Kristina, Volunteer Dog Caretaker

“I get drooled on, get dog hair everywhere on my clothes and sometimes pick up splattered dog shit, but the time with the dogs is so cozy and rewarding that I always look forward to coming out here.

I have an evening job so my free time, when most people work, can get a little boring. But what's then better than showing up at a bunch of lovely teddy bears, when I'm a dog freak without my own dog.

If I sit on the couch, I can easily end up with a dog on each side and a third on the lap. They really are some cozy trolls and their confidence and courage that develops from time to time is a pleasure to have an influence on.”


Sarah, Volunteer Dog Caretaker


​Yvonne, Volunteer Dog Caretaker

"I volunteer at Hundehaven because I love dogs and it gives me a lot of quality of life to take care of dogs and to work with people who share my interest in dogs. I myself have had a dog for many years and right now have a Boston Terrier. I have been at the doggy daycare since 2017. "


Bolette, Volunteer Dog Caretaker

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