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The puppy's beautiful new world

As a little new puppy, there are many things to learn and many situations to decode. Likewise, there are many things for the new dog owner to relate to and familiarize themselves with. To facilitate this process, we have gathered on this page a selection of links to videos and articles, which we hope will help both parties get off to a good start. Enjoy.

Before you buy a puppy

Driver's license for buying a dog

DKK: Before you buy a dog

DKK. The differences between the races. Great movie if you consider getting a dog

DKK. Children and dogs

The importance of socialization and environmental training in the puppy's first 6 months

The Danish Kennel Club has a really good approach for the first months with your puppy. Their website contains tips and good advice, info about puppy training, socialization and environmental training, etc. Learn more here.

The Animal Foundation has made a leaflet where they explain the importance of positive experiences in the first part of the puppy's life. See the small folder here.

New dog owner - the basic training

Below is a selection of videos and articles that we believe contain a lot of good tips for the first weeks with your new puppy.

Choose what you think makes sense to you and your puppy. And then we just wish you really good training and congratulations on your new best friend.

  • From the feed retailer 'Oliver's Petfood' here is a really nice little video with good advice once you have got your puppy home. Watch it here.

  • A short movie about cleanliness training of your puppy from 'Oliver's Petfood'. Watch it here.

  • The animal welfare video in two parts about giving your dog the best start in its new home. In the videos, it is the Danish Animal Welfare's dog trainer and adoption manager, Maria Rønde Jakobsen, who offers good advice.

  • Environmental training:

    • PowerDog: Environmental training on your puppy's terms. How do you create an environmentally friendly dog? And how do you best train your dog in that it is perfectly OK to move in different environments, surfaces and sounds? Watch the video here.

    • Behavior advisor Merethe Børgart Olesen offers tips for environmental training of the dog in everyday life. Watch them here:

  • Training of puppy

  • Home alone training

  • Topdanmark Insurance and Pension.
    New puppy in the home - You need to be aware of this

The well-being of the puppy and the dog

DGI - How to take care of your dog in the summer heat.

DKK. Safety and first aid

DKK. Dog Grooming and Care

Minhundogkat. Good advice for New Year's Eve with a dog.

Oliver's Petfood. Good stretching and balance exercises to keep your dog in shape during winter

"Make sure that the puppy gets as many positive experiences as possible before it is a year old. The first about 6 months are the most important, because it is during this period that the puppy is especially receptive to the new impressions." (Danish Kennel Club,

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