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Do you have a puppy who is alone at home for many hours? Or do you have an adult dog that needs company and activation during the week? Then you can create great value in your dog's life by buying a cut card for Hundehaven!

We offer professional and caring dog care every weekday. If you drop off your dog with us, its day will look like this:

In the morning, your dog is in the playroom with a whole small herd of other dogs and of course also a dog sitter. We have one playroom for large dogs and one for small dogs. The dog garden Potefryd is first and foremost dog care with an eye for the dog's social needs. It is important to us that your dog has playmates of his own size, but it is also crucial that your dog is given peace to just hang out and be cuddled behind the ears. That is why we do a lot to read your dog's signals and help the dogs in their company, so that everyone thrives and makes room for each other. At some point during the morning we will offer your dog a short walk.

For dinner, the dogs must rest. And most take a well-deserved nap! If your dog is not used to relaxing in the presence of other dogs, do not despair. It teaches it quietly with us. We have a little fun with it until it calms down. And soon it will follow the example of the other dogs and take advantage of the rest time to get some sleep.

In the afternoon, your dog is briefly aired again and then there is dog play and dog fun in the playrooms for the rest of the money. Still in the company of a dog sitter who supervises and cares for dogs.

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