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Dog & Man

Many thanks to all of you who helped make last night a hit together with Ditte from Hund & Menneske (Dog & Man).

We gained a lot of good knowledge, talked and participated actively, and ate a lot of cake and enjoyed ourselves.

We invite all participants to send us an email at about what you think about the event. We'll then try to make a follow-up event, so we can get even more knowledge about our dogs, and not least ourselves.

About the event

​It's about both the dog and you, communication on a slightly deeper level

There are countless books and videos about dog behavior and communication. But few if any that takes into account the person who has to translate what the dog tries to tell us in everyday life. Communication is two-way and is one of the reasons why we call the dog man's best friend. Because it understands us when we may not do ourselves.

This evening will include an intertwining of both the dog's and human behavior and psychology based on recognizable scenarios from everyday life.

You will gain a greater insight into your own reaction patterns and into the dog's, insight into why you are stuck in a problem and why it is such a sensitive subject. When you have insight, you have the opportunity to act on it.


Ditte Klostergaard Jessen, Hund & Menneske v/Ditte Klostergaard.

Ditte is a M.Sc. in biology specializing in dog behavior, as well as a behavior therapist, dog trainer, dog whisperer (animal telepathy), and psychotherapist - Human to Human. She is also a breeder of Norwegian Buhund.

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