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"Dogs Collecting Garbage" Part 2

Once again, garbage was collected from both two-legged and four-legged. About 15 bipeds plus their dogs spent their Sunday collecting garbage at the beach and forest. Many thanks to you guys and to the Ministry of the Environment for making this event possible.

A lovely Sunday in the outdoors. We collected garbage in the forest and along the from Ballehage Beach and approx. 5 km in both directions from there. It may sound like a daunting task to have to collect garbage, but when you are in good company with both dogs and humans, then it is no problem. Every time you bent down after a piece of garbage, you could at the same time get a dog kiss or cuddle a little with the happy dogs that were with us.

After collecting a lot of garbage, we found our way back to the "base". Here sandwiches, sodas and cake were waiting and were enjoyed while enjoying the view of the open sea.

You go home with a fantastic feeling that you have done something good for nature, the dogs had a nice long and exciting walk with their dog friends and we two-legged definitely slept better that night, after so much fresh air.

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