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Snouts collecting garbage

Many thanks to all of you who participated in "Snouts collecting garbage" and helped to make the beach ready for bathing. Also thanks to the Ministry of the Environment who made it possible.

We met at the beach on May 22 at 10:30am by the bridge that the winter bathers 'Morgenbaderne Ved Ballehage' use and began collecting garbage.

Then we went in two teams in each our direction and back to the meeting place again. On these routes we collected a lot of rubbish on the beach and thereby helped to make the beach ready for bathing guests when the weather gets better.

We got lots of fresh air and energy, and at the same time did something good for nature - the lucky ones also got dog kisses.

When we got back to the meeting place, we got a well-deserved rest and refueled with sandwiches and sodas for all the two-legged helpers. There was also the opportunity to get the sugar depots filled up with a delicious "Snouts collecting garbage" cake.

Thanks again to all of you who participated. You helped make a difference that day.

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