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First Days with Your Puppy

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Thank you to all of you who participated in our lecture about First Days with Your Puppy. Many thanks to Ditte Maria Nors Jensen from Hundensgaard. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

About the Event

This evening we got good advice in relation to having a puppy in the house. How to get the best start together, and how to most easily get through the first challenging months in terms of teaching the "little one" to be clean indoors, not to ruin things and bite inhibition in relation to people.

We also talked about important topics such as training being alone at home, how to teach the puppy good sleeping routines and not least the importance of socializing and environmental training the puppy in the most appropriate way.

In addition, we received advice and guidance in relation to choosing appropriate equipment for our dog, so that both owner and puppy get a good experience when we go for a walk and train together.

We gained insight into modern training methods based on positive reinforcement, which forms the basis for a good collaboration, where the puppy will love to train with you.

We also talked about how to begin the training of basic exercises such as walking nicely on a leash and "come" when you call, etc. In addition, there were good suggestions on how to activate the puppy so that it spends its energy on appropriate behavior rather than "trouble".

Last but not least, we also covered important topics such as the dog's preferred form of communication, body language, positive leadership, prevention of driving problems and not least, how important good nutrition is for a puppy that grows.

Content and Benefits

​Those who participated got a lot of knowledge that will help them become a good dog owner so they get a good and safe dog.

Among other things, knowledge of:

  • Activation

  • Dog food

  • Equipment

  • Body language

  • Socialization

  • Environmental training

  • Cleanliness

  • The Wolf Hour

  • Sleep routines

  • Bite inhibition

  • Resource defense

  • Training methods

  • Positive leadership

  • Car driving


Ditte Maria Nors Jensen from Hundensgaard

Ditte is a Professional Dog Instructor and Behavioral Therapist of dogs through PAFF (Professional Behavioral Therapists and Instructors for Family Animals) at dog psychologist Lone Greva.

In addition to training and behavioral treatment of dogs, Ditte runs HundensgaardButik, where she sells BARF, high quality dry food, dietary supplements, healthy dried treats for fun and exercise, activation toys, equipment for the dog, etc.

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