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Military Work Dog and First Aid for Dogs

Many thanks to all of you who participated in our exciting lecture on service dogs and first aid for dogs. Many thanks to Nicklas Udklit for the presentation and the demonstrations.

This evening we got to know more about life as a dog trainer in the military. What things are important to get an environmentally strong dog that can work in all environments, and how to use service dog training for your family dog.

Professional dog trainer, Nicklas Udklit, gave examples of how to find overlooked qualities in dogs that others do not want, and how problem dogs become good family dogs and colleagues.

In addition, there was a review of and exercises in life-saving first aid for dogs.

Ready-to-use tools were presented for working with the dog so that it becomes a colleague and partner. We learned about the training methods used to train service dogs. Last but not least, we learned how to give a dog life-saving first aid if it should become involved in an accident.


Nicklas Udklit has five years of experience as a professional dog trainer of service dogs for the military from Karup Airport. He is also a certified instructor in first aid for dogs.

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