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Snouts collecting garbage

Many thanks to all of you who participated in "Snouts collecting garbage" and helped to make the beach ready for bathing. Also thanks to the Ministry of the Environment who made it possible.

On Sunday, April 3, two- and four-legged friends were out collecting garbage along the beach.

We got fresh air and energy, and at the same time did something good for nature - the lucky ones also got dog kisses :-)

We met at 10.30 at Flakvej and then went in two teams in oppposite directions so that the whole route, Bellevue Strand to Egå Marina, was cleared of garbage and ready for the summer's happy bathers.

The weather was like April weather at its best, cold and windy, but that did not stop us.

As a thank you for the help to all the people present, sandwiches and soft drinks were handed out. In addition, a very nice cake was made especially for "Snouts collecting garbage".

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