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'Big Dogs' Playnight

Thank you for a great Playnight to all of you who participated. We hope everyone, two-legged as well as four-legged, had a cozy and fun evening. We hope your dogs came home tired and well-stimulated and that they got a good night's sleep after this exciting evening.

About the event

Our entire large hall was turned into play stations that your dogs loved.

Examples of play stations: Sniff for treats in the pool with balls, keep the balance on a moving surface, crawl through a tunnel, go up on a seesaw, find treats in boxes, zig-zag through cones, etc., etc.

Not all dogs were equally easy to persuade to sneak through the pipe or take the ride up the big "rocker". However, they were all curious and as soon as they are tempted with treats, they suddenly could do more than they expected.

The ball pools are always a hit, as you can find lots of goodies in them, if you otherwise dare to dive into the balls. The bravest dogs took a ride on the roller coaster or got very close to the wobbly surface. Along the way, there was also time for water breaks.

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